Supporting PAR


The main way to support us is to drop off your e-waste at our location

2024 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140
You can also schedule a pick up here.

What if I no longer have any e-waste. What are other ways I can support you?

There’s a couple ways.

Telling people about us – you might be out of items at your house, but you can definitely spread the word to others, not only about them recycling their laptops, computers, wire and other e-waste but your friends probably have old items.

Host an event – That’s another way to help and support, you can go out in your community and rally people to bring their old computers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc, got questions on how we protect your data, we got you covered. You bring the people, we’ll bring the truck to take it all back, also because we are a non profit, your donations are tax deductible. We partner with organizations from business groups like the Philadelphia Bar Association to community groups like _______________________

Volunteering with Par – There are many projects that we are working on and there can be some expertise that one can bring, we’re open to chatting, for instance the team at Seer Interactive is using their skills in digital marketing to help us get the word out.

Donate to the cause – If you are all out of e-waste for us to recycle, donations help.

Every reentrant goes through our processes and it costs us about $6,000 for a job for six months, we will help a returning citizen get a job, learn a skill (decomposing electronics) and start the process of getting their life back on track. Your donations go a long way.


Question for Q: What limits you from hiring more people?

PAR's founder Maurice "Q" Jones“If we get more donations and more waste to recycle, we help more people, period.

That’s our only limitation. In Philadelphia there are over 9,000 people returning from prison every single year that need some type of training or some type of pre-employment training to get back into the workforce. Our only limitation is the materials, the PCs, laptops, monitors, cables, and chargers laying around your house. If we had an unlimited amount of materials we have an unlimited amount of people that we can train and assist to get back into the workforce.”


So how much tonnage of material do you need to employ one person full-time at Par?
One person at a time will probably need about 50000 lb for that person’s 6 month time with us. How many PCs is 50000 lbs? If the average PC is 19lbs, then 230-ish PCs = 1 person returning from prison working with us for 6 months to learn how to decompose PCs, Laptops, TVs, etc.