Statement on Racial Justice

PAR-Recycle Works denounces racism in all of its  

forms. Upon release from prison, our employees are 

not only trying to assimilate into their respective neighborhoods and families, they continue to work to overcome the structural disadvantages prevalent among Black and Brown communities. 

PAR-Recycle Works believes racial justice and dignity are closely related, and the ability  to earn a living is an important contributor to personal dignity. This is why our dual  mission is focused on reducing recidivism, a major byproduct of mass incarceration that  disproportionately impacts people of color, and obtaining permanent employment with  a living wage to support self and family.  

An important element of justice is having a voice. Our program is designed with and for  those people we serve. Our guiding motto in designing our program is “nothing about  us without us,” referring to the voice that our participants have in the decisions that  affect their lives.  

PAR-Recycle Works believes that there is no place for racial inequality within its  organization, with the agencies and supporters that provide services for our program  participants, with our partners who send us their volunteers and with the employers  who hire our program participants for permanent jobs. We share the call for justice and  unequivocally support those most affected by racism and all those working toward  change. 

The Board of PAR-Recycle Works is 45% African American, the Operations Manager is  Latino and the population served by PAR-Recycle Works is approximately 95% minority.  An important organizational goal is to help create economic opportunity and equity for our program participants and give them a place at the table as they resume participation in a community outside of the prison system.  

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